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Antiquated Resume:

Be different and unique! Try something new to stand out and separate yourself from other applicants. Be in a class of your own.

Be one step ahead and use a professional JSVN Video as a way to pitch yourself.

Looks and Speech Matter:

The very first impression you give may be your only one. Submit your polished photos with audio to link a professional JSVN Video to your resume and social media pages.

Resume and Sociability:

Companies are increasingly using social media to search for new potential candidates.

Link or upload a professional JSVN Video of your photos and voice to your personal domain or online portfolio, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile to show confidence, professionalism and presentation skills. This will make it easier for employers to learn about how you add value to your industry and have created a professional video online.

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JSVN Professional Video Hosting for Candidates

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