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ABOUT Job Seekers Video Network (JSVN)

Job Seekers Video Network (JSVN) is an innovative service offering Live Stream Job Fairs and JSVN Videos for companies and candidates.

We provide Virtual Live Stream Job Fairs via social media for companies and candidates to connect locally and all over the world from the convenience of wherever you are located using your electionic device.

Job Seekers Video Network virtual live streaming provides a forum that entails real-time communication for job opportunities to candidates.

A JSVN Video is a professional visual synopsis of a candidate using their photos and voice recording.

In at matter of seconds JSVN Videos provide companies the opportunity to learn more about candidates.

Their pictures and voice recording is worth a thousand words.

Videos allow candidates to show they are exceptional, confident and professional.

Candidates can link to their resume, LinkedIn profile and upload to social media accounts.

We have a special affinity for other businesses and are anxious for them to succeed.

At no charge we will create up to a 30 Sec JSVN Professional Video using your voice about your company and 4 photos.

Upon your review and approval, we send you a copy and host the video on our website and social media channels.

Just select a FREE JSVN Video to promote your business



Expand the reach of employee job searches to find the best candidates.



Job Seekers Video Network (JSVN) is an innovative service for companies and candidates to commingle in JSVN Virtual Live Stream Job Fair from the convenience of wherever you are located.



Social networking has revolutionized the job search experience.



Provides your company with the ability to meet potential hires in a digital environment.


Companies of all sizes will find Virtual Live Streaming Job Fairs extremely useful and affordable.